Race: How do I have race conversations in the church

How do I have race conversations within our Church?

Is your church predominantly white? Is your church Black? Is your church diverse, but you have no idea how to get those individuals unified? Do you find yourself, wondering... why can't we all simply get along? Did the racial conversations surrounding "BlackLivesMatter" in 2016 and 2020 leave you speechless on how you are supposed to respond as a church? We exist to answer these questions in the best way possible, and to equip you to be able to healthily engage your local church body with the Gospel concerning issues of race.

Packages and Pricing

Basic Zoom Consultation:
hour long session

Weekend Consultation
Friday Full Day
Saturday (1/2) Day
Airfare for (2) *if necessary
Lodging (1) room *if necessary

8 Week Curriculum
8 in-person sessions
Homework Required
Goals and SWOT Analysis Required
Travel and Lodging discussed seperately

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