What should I know about Outdoor Services

What Should I Know About Sundays in the Parking Lot

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear what is most comfortable for you to be able to stay cool outside in the heat. We recommend shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes.

Do I need to bring a chair?

Yes. The parking lot is asphalt so we recommend bringing a chair over bringing a blanket because the surface of the asphalt will be hot. Some chairs will be provided, but priority will be given to the elderly and mothers with small children.

What do I do with my Children?

Due to Covid-19, we will not have a kids service until we resume meeting in the church building on October 4th. However, during the worship service there is a kids moment with a message specifically for the kids. Parents we want to encourage you to:
-bring a coloring book and crayons for your kids
-bring a snack and water for your kids
-bring a small toy or game for your kids

What happens if it rains?

On the chance of inclement weather, the outdoor worship service will be cancelled, and the service will be live streamed at https://www.facebook.com/hillcitychurchva.

What happens if it is a hot day?

August and September are hot months in Lynchburg, Virginia. We recommend bringing an umbrella to keep the sun off of you, and we recommend bringing something cold to drink.

Where do I park?

Below are a few locations where you can park when we are holding services in the parking lot:
-Lynchburg Public Library
-the vacant bank across the street from the church
-Thai 99 parking lot (this restaurant is closed on Sundays)